This is a place of self-discovery, a source of sissy hypnosis and training material. I decided to build it as I was getting more and more frustrated with sites that were crammed with ads, popups, survey spam, and other nonsense.

I was constantly finding that videos hosted in some places would get taken down, links kept disappearing, and sites didn't work very well on mobiles. So was born, a place for me to share the training content I've collected over the years. I wanted to create something that was fast and worked well across all modern devices. I think I've managed to do that, I'd love your feedback on ways I can improve the site, its a resource for us all!

My honest intention is to always keep this site running as a free and open resource, no charging for subscriptions, no ads plastered everywhere, and no forced registration. I want you all to be able to jump in and jump out as easily as possible. has been online, in one form or another (under different names) since 2015.

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Unlike many other sites out there, all of the content, videos, audio files, images, everything you see and enjoy, is hosted on the server. I don't simply link to a video or audio file on another site or blog, I have to keep all the content on this server. This in itself is costly, not just storage space, but also in bandwidth and hosting costs.

It also takes a lot of my time to update content, and keep this resource growing. This isn't "just another Wordpress site", i've built everything myself, to keep things fast and clean.

We will all benefit as the site grows.

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[23-MAR-2018] · Endless Mode is here, and its a game changer.

"ENDLESS MODE" randomly plays a video from whichever section you're in when you start it. When the video you're watching ends, another video from the same section is randomly played, seamlessly, and automatically. The real magic happens during the transition from one video to the next - your settings remain in place!

So, you can start endless mode, go fullscreen, and video after video will play, automatically in fullscreen mode. This also works if you enable VR/Headset mode - each video that plays, one after the other will be the VR/Headset encoded version. No longer do you need to click play on each video, once you've started the first video, each video plays automatically, on and on and on and on, forever, endlessly! So you can sit back, relax and enjoy.

On the surface, this might seem like quite a simple feature, it wasn't, and has taken a considerable amount of coding, hacking, and general experimentation on my part. I've tested this the best I can with my iPhone and on an Android phone. PLEASE email me ([email protected]) if you find that something isn't working right.

Oh, and yes, new content is coming. There are around 532 sissy hypnos that I am busily encoding (for VR/Headset mode), in total over 200Gb worth. For now, put on your VR/Headset, sit back, and enjoy the new endless mode.

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[08-MAR-2018] · Sissy hypno section expanded, VR mode fully implemented, new sections launching soon.

Loads of extra sissy hypnosis has been added to the site, including msicon, zoepmv, back door man, hypnocypher, pandorasissy, gargantua4 and many many others! Make sure you check out the "Sissy Hypno" section of the site for the new additions - being a good sissy girl has never been easier!

VR/Headset mode is now fully implemented on all videos across the site. To watch a video on your VR/3D headset, simply select a video, click on the cog icon in the bottom right hand corner of your screen, and select "VR/Headset Mode". Pop your phone into a headset (such as the Google Cardboard), and enjoy immersive reprogramming of your mind.

I will be launching the new categorised hypnosis sections in the next few weeks, with all videos being arranged by category/topic, making the specific type of training video you're looking for easier to find. Watch this space - and as always, I value your feedback and suggestions, don't be shy!

[02-MAR-2018] · More hypno videos added, VR/Headset support expanded.

I've been slowly adding more sissy hypno video content to the site. If you find any videos out there you'd like me to add, just email me over the link. Remember that I don't simply link videos hosted on other sites, I download them to the server, so if they are ever removed from the other site, we can all still enjoy them on When a new video is added, the VR/Headset version of the video is created at the same time.

I am still working my way through the main "Sissy Hypno" section to encode a VR/Headset specific version of the existing videos. All of the videos in the "Sissy Training", and "Sissy Subliminal Blast" sections are ready to be enjoyed on a VR/3D headset. I am also cleaning up and making some improvements to the blast section itself, removing the really short videos and also those of tumblr blogs that are dead.

The videos in the blast section are created from sissy tumblr/blogs, and I haven't updated them in a very long time. Once I finish tidying, i'll create the processes needed so that those videos update automatically.

As always, drop me an email ([email protected]) with any feedback and suggestions.

[26-FEB-2018] · New server is live, VR/Headset mode is on its way.

With all the changes and improvements i've been making to the site, and how things have been growing recently, the old server was just not up to the job anymore. We really needed more space, and more processing power. Remember that all the content you access via is directly hosted on my server, I don't link media in from other sites. I have to download the content and host it on the server directly. This makes sure that the videos will always be online for you good girls to enjoy.

The new server is now live, this gives me the space and processing power to fix the VR/headset mode properly. You'll see a VR / Headset option on all the videos across the site. I am slowly re-encoding all the training videos at the moment, if you click on the VR / Headset option, a side by side version of the hypno/training should play. Pop your phone in a "3D Headset" and enjoy! If a side by side video doesn't play, this just means that I haven't re-encoded that video yet - I am working on it!

Please make a donation to help with the running of the site, and to show your support. As always, feel free to email me ([email protected]) if you have any suggestions.

[16-FEB-2018] · Playback controls & other improvements.

Video playback interface cleaned up and reworked. Rate control for faster playback added, especially useful for the subliminal blast section. If you're streaming on a tablet/mobile, as soon as you rotate the device the video should go fullscreen automatically now. I should have the VR/headset mode working again in the next week or so.

[15-FEB-2018] · New interface is finally live!

Completely new design, rebuilt from scratch is now live. I am still coding some of the functionality from the old site, such as fast play back of blast videos, and i'll be redoing the VR headset functionality. I'm hoping to have the sissy audio, and sissy stable sections live and functioning by the end of March. I will also slowly be adding new content, please email me ([email protected]) if you have any suggestions sweetie. Its going to be an awesome 2018!